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Liquid Carbon Dioxide Stripping  data sheet

Collect more CO2 ... Improve purity… using your existing CO2 recovery plant.

The Wittemann Add-On Liquid CO2 Stripping System works in conjunction with any existing CO2 Recovery System. The continuous removal of non-condensable impurities from liquefied CO2 improves both product purity and yield. Typically CO2 recovery from breweries and distilleries requires CO2 to be 99.9%(v) pure at the fermenter prior to starting the recovery process. This results in large CO2 purge losses from the fermenters while the CO2 purity improves. By initiating CO2 recovery earlier (as low as 80%v) in the fermentation cycle more CO2 is recovered.


Can plants other than breweries and distilleries benefit from a Liquid CO2 Stripping System?

In addition to fermentation applications, Wittemann also offers CO2 Recovery Systems with Liquid CO2 Stripping Systems for other CO2 sources such as natural wells and by-product gases from chemical manufacturing plants. E-mail or fax Wittemann today to find out how a Wittemann Liquid CO2 Stripping System can benefit your organization.

Process Description

CO2 is liquefied, as normal, in your existing CO2 condensers. This impure LCO2 is fed to a new Wittemann stripping column instead of the storage tanks. While impure LCO2 flows down through a special packed bed, pure vapor CO2 flows up and strips the non-condensables from the liquid. A significant portion of this now highly impure stripping vapor CO2 is re-condensed in a new Wittemann CO2 reflux condenser and returned to the stripping column. The non-condensables are continually purged to atmosphere through a control valve manifold assembly. The pure vapor is derived from a reboiler mounted at the stripping column sump. Our reboilers utilize existing waste heat from hot refrigerant gas rather than generating extra heat with expensive electric power. PLC control of the reboiler output ensures efficient system operation. Depending on your existing building constraints, the pure liquid CO2 either simply flows by gravity to the storage tanks or, is pumped using reliable liquid CO2 pumps mounted with the stripper package.

Key System Features

  • Reduce costs related to outside purchase of CO2 due to poor in-house CO2 quality or insufficient quantity.
  • Minimize the human element in the turning-in process as well as costly monitoring equipment.
  • Higher Yield. Reduce purge losses by eliminating the extensive purging needed on conventional liquefaction systems.
  • Assures that the CO2 you recover will meet the higher standards dictated by today's modern brewery operations.
  • More CO2 collected per barrel brewed by allowing early collection from fermenters at less than 99.9% CO2which reduces fermenter blow-off prior to turning-in for CO2 collection.
  • Consistently provides a high liquid CO2 product purity with an oxygen content of 5ppmv or less, therefore, providing beer flavor stability and prolonged shelf life.
  • Reduced quantity of CO2 vented by having the ability to collect CO2 from usage areas such as counter-pressure CO2 gas.
  • Reduce environmental impact by having less CO2 emissions.
  • Accomplish all of the above while using equipment that is familiar to brewery operators and maintenance personnel.